Misr Spain Co. for Blankets & Textiles:

Misr Spain Co. specializes in the production of blankets as well as high quality polyester fabrics. Misr Spain is the parent company of Colormix and Styletex, the manufacturing facilities for the blankets and the polyester fabrics respectively.


Colormix Co. started its first printed production during the first quarter of 2004. Through employing experienced personnel, implementing the authentic Spanish techniques and using the latest technology, we are able to produce blankets of superior quality at affordable prices. Colormix is now recognized as one of the leading companies in Egypt and the Middle East when it comes to first class printed blankets.


Styletex started its operations in 2001, and has now become a prominent manufacturer of top class polyester fabrics. Adopting the well-renowned Korean know-how and using state of the art machinery, Styletex is able to produce high quality fabrics with competitive prices. It has soon after established its name and its products to suit all categories, and not only compete, but also outclass equivalent imported products in both quality and price.